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By choosing one of our Essex Escorts consider yourself guaranteed a high class, high quality, honest and genuine Visiting Escort whose only aim is to give you the very best companionship service.

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Essex Escorts, the region’s only 247 Escort Agency, can arrange for an escort to visit you any time of the day or night to provide a sensual experience that you will never forget. The girls at Essex Escorts have fantastic personalities that will surely enliven your day, not to mention beautiful bodies that will stir your heart and soul. Our escorts will visit you at your home or hotel, even if you reside on the outskirts of Essex as our fun loving girls are happy to travel. We also feature escorts in several other counties for your convenience, including Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

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We provide a high quality female escorts companionship service and we pride ourselves in running an intimate, friendly, honest and efficient agency with some of the most beautiful Essex Escorts available. All of the girls you see on this site are real, and all of our girls shown here have genuine photographs.

Our beautiful ladies are available throughout Essex

Want to make a booking? Then speak to our receptionists

01708 545541

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At Essex Escorts we are proud to say that we are here for you! We believe in providing an unrivalled escort service, with a dedicated support team and the very best, most beautiful, sexy, adorable escorts.

We believe that you value honesty and integrity when going about your daily business and we are no different. Our main guarantee to you is that when it comes to the photographs of the escorts: we do not try to improve the look of the girls using any digital trickery. The photographs are genuine and depict the luscious lovelies in all of their natural beauty. It is also the case that we only deal with girls who are thoroughly into the role of an escort and this enjoyment in providing the service will be evident from your very first encounter. Finally, you expect a prompt and reliable service and that is what we provide.

  • Genuine photographs - no photoshopping, no trick lighting, genuine girls
  • A professional service with absolute discretion
  • Honesty and integrity in our dealings with clients
  • Being an escort is a lifestyle choice for an Essex escort and you will feel the difference
  • All of the escorts are chosen for their suitability to the work
  • You can rely on our punctual service and will never wait in vain for a date

Dial Essex Escorts on 01708 545678 and begin your escort dating adventure right now!

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